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Dr. Tim Nguyen

Dr. Tim Nguyen was born in Denver, Colorado but raised in Cabot, Arkansas. He was involved in basketball by the age of 8 and played until high school. He attended University of Central Arkansas with a focus in biology. In 2020, Dr. Tim received his masters and doctorates at Logan University located in St. Louis, Missouri. Today, Dr. Tim still enjoys watching/playing sports, spending time with his family, and of course food adventures!

The career decision was tough for Dr. Tim early in college; however, he ultimately decided to become a chiropractor because he wanted to help individuals in pain, without looking towards medicine and surgery as first options. Working with muscles, joints, and human movement has always had his attention, which fits perfectly with the chiropractic field.

Dr. Tim has worked with Professional athletes and olympians. His biggest takeaway from that experience was how to better use leverage when adjusting them. It forces you to learn every muscle in the body and its action. 

“My favorite thing about practicing is the people! The big smiles and love individuals show for you when you get them out of pain is extremely rewarding!”