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Garrett  Goodlett

Dr. Garrett had been a long-time observer and patient of chiropractic in his hometown of Dyersburg, Tennessee before starting his own career. Since he was young, his mom brought him along to her chiropractic appointments and then he started going himself to stay at the top of his game while playing baseball in high school.


Wanting to pursue a career representing his love for sports and performance, Dr. Garrett attended the University of Tennessee-Martin where he received his bachelor’s degree in Health and Human Performance. Dr. Garrett then attended Logan University where he obtained his Doctor of Chiropractic degree where he studied many different chiropractic and rehabilitation techniques. Dr. Garrett also received certification in acupuncture during chiropractic school to further expand his treatment options. Dr. Garrett loves to use his degrees in chiropractic human performance as well as real life experiences in athletics and strenuous work environments congruently to find what is truly causing his patients issues and how to fix them most effectively. Dr. Garrett focuses his treatments to help his patients to return to their everyday activities with better performance and less pain.

Outside of the Practice

While out of the office, Dr. Garrett loves being with his girlfriend, Elizabeth, adventuring around Little Rock and the nearby central Arkansas area. Some of their favorite activities include visiting new shops and restaurants, spending time outdoors, and relaxing with their two cats, Luna and Cash. Dr. Garrett holds strong to his home roots always attempting to visit family back in Tennessee whenever possible.