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Postural Rehab & Corrective Care in Conway

At Bledsoe Chiropractic, we believe in making sure you’re healthy from the ground up—literally! Our feet play a vital role in the health of our spines—as they’re the “trunk” of our body, a problem with them can cause a ripple effect elsewhere, leading to posture problems, balance issues and even pain.

We’re proud to offer our patients postural rehab and corrective care in addition to foot scans that will determine whether or not you could benefit from custom made orthotics.

How Can Postural Rehab Help You?

When you have better posture, you’re able to hold alignments better. Postural rehab at Bledsoe Chiropractic typically consists of modalities including electric muscle stimulation and ice to help speed healing, in addition to stretching and trigger point therapy. Dr. Bledsoe will also show you specific exercises and stretches that you can do at home to experience even better results.

Postural rehab and corrective care is ideal for many patients, including athletes who would like to “get back in game.”

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